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How Can I Check The Order Status?

Each order will have several order status. You can view the order status by logging in your account. There are the common order status.

1.Waiting for payment

It means that your order has not been paid. You can pay for it by logging your account. If the order was accidentally placed, you can also cancel it by yourself.


Your payment has been submitted and we are reviewing it. 


We have received the payment and we are preparing the shipment for your order. This usually take 3-10 business days and includes: receiving and allocating stock to your order, quality control for your products and packing.

4.Shipped out

Your order has been shipped out and it’s on the way to the destination.


Your unpaid order is cancelled. You are welcome to reorder at any time.


Your order has been cancelled by us and we have processed the refund. Please allow some time for the transaction to appear on your account.